Samaha Group 

How It Works

The Opportunity

All communities need electrical energy to light the lights, run the pumps, energize appliances, and support a wide range of other needs.  Photovoltaic, wind, and non-traditional 24/7 non-polluting technologies are all methods of producing sustainable energy.  Additionally, organic conversion and anaerobic digestion of municipal and commercial waste, including sewage, can be used as a source of energy to produce electricity on demand.  The electrical demand for each community can be calculated to determine the amount of energy generation capability needed to cover the day time and seasonal peak loads and provide an adequate amount of excess capacity.  Existing sustainable technology and capability is carefully integrated into the recommended technological solution with the goal of minimizing, if not eliminating, fossil fuel consumption in each community.

The Samaha Group USA /Energy Advisors (SG) approach to developing a community wide energy solution  at no cost, is to identify energy generation technologies that are suitable to satisfy the unique geographical and energy demands of the community or country.  Using state of the art renewable energy technologies it is possible to construct a facility in a small amount of space to create large amounts of electricity.  With a successful initial project, we believe that the concept could be replicated throughout any geographic area to produce an adequate amount of electricity to meet existing and future needs.  Further, the proposed technology will produce a number of jobs associated  with the development of the pilot facility and with each future  facility developed, serving as a source of economic development. 

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